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SimplyCloser Birthday Calendar

Never miss a birthday, celebrate every moment effortlessly.

Can’t remember 100s of birthdays, can anyone? Sure they need a birthday calendar app by syllable labs. Top reasons why you can be simply closer to your family and friends with this birthday calendar app. 

invitation box-min


Digital invitations made easy, create memories with every event.

Tired of boring paper invitations? try the all new digital invitations.
send digital invitations, track responses, share pics, – all this seamlessly.
Digital invitations sent over WhatsApp disappear among 1 in 1000 messages.


Local Updates

Stay informed locally, exclusive news at your fingertips.

Did you know the apparel shop that was open recently at your neighborhood, a book fair or a exihibition for kids? latest traffic updates, traffic diversion in your town? You don’t need news minute by minute, but what matters to you at the right time.

Bill Forecast

Control costs, predict bills, embrace energy efficiency.

Are you tired of being caught off guard by unexpectedly high electricity bills? Our Electricity Bill Forecast app is your reliable partner in taking control of your energy expenses.insights into your energy usage and plan your budget effectively.

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